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Travel Video Contest 2008 - Winners

Congratulations Jorge Ernesto Martinez Alvarez and Jorgeratu!

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2008 Video Contest Winners

Total 4 items.


In 1922, a silent movie called "Nosferatu" introduced the world to a vampire unlike any seen before. This vampire had none of the suave sophistication of Count Dracula or the sex appeal of a True Blood character - instead, he had nasty teeth, long fingers and an eerie and unsightly...



In "Watercolors", Natasha Mendonca, a budding film-maker at California Institute of the Arts, tells the terrifying story of her family losing everything in the Bombay floods of 2005. As an avid family documentarian, Natasha wants to return to Bombay to try to piece together any fragments of her family history...

Going to Kenya

Going to Kenya

"Ka Seng Going to Kenya " tells the story of Ka-Seng Ao, a USC student from Macao, who ponders the speed and isolation of life in fast-paced, Western societies with interesting, thoughtful footage and effects. He imagines an alternate life in Kenya to be free of the frenetic pace, and...

My Journey

My Journey

"My Journey" follows Anja-Dejana Leginovic's journey as she leaves behind her world and family in war-torn Serbia to pursue a better future in Iowa. The determination of her parents to make a better life for their children fuels her intensity in fulfilling her goals, and her story and video leaves...


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